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Take care of your employees and their loved ones

AiGIA reveals actionable insights and empowers employers to drive genuine engagement and outcomes by improving their employees’ health and wellbeing.

Stakeholders can make informed decisions to reduce sick leave and increase productivity while providing a medical-grade healthcare solution powered by AI and care providers.

About AiGIA Health


AiGIA Health is a valuable partner for insurers, increasing their members’ satisfaction and retention, lowering claims costs, optimizing plans and attracting new customers.

About AiGIA Health

Pharma and CROs

AiGIA Health is a game-changer for medical breakthroughs.

Real-time collaboration between doctors and patients combined with AI offers a new ability to collect and analyze massive amounts of data comprised of multiple types of health information.

The number and speed of clinical trials and scientific breakthroughs will increase while costs go down.

About AiGIA Health
About AiGIA Health About AiGIA Health About AiGIA Health About AiGIA Health About AiGIA Health

Custom features development

Custom Integrations and Automations

Ready to develop custom features for a perfect interoperability with your company’s systems.

An end-to-end personalized experience

Tailored onboarding system, modular sections, versatile rewards and incentive engine.

Global Scale and Client Support

Our solution is ready to scale when and where you need it the most.

About AiGIA Health About AiGIA Health About AiGIA Health About AiGIA Health About AiGIA Health About AiGIA Health

Success stories

Organizations around the world are using AiGIA Health's digital platform to engage their employees and boost organizational performance.

AiGIa testimonials

Oana Spînu

Manager Bottega Verde România

AiGIA redefined healthcare and medical services for all my colleagues and their dear ones. Easy to use and implement, the highest level of security, and ads a huge value to our employees and company because of the relevant and actionable insights. I don't know how long it will AiGIA to revolutionize the global medical system but for sure it changed the way we discover will use prevention from now one.

Their health, your company's success

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