We see our present civilization
not as an inheritance from our parents

but as a world we have taken on loan
from our children.

Our health data is sparse, scattered and siloed.
Our future captive.

Taking back control of our health data
is not only an ethical imperative

but the sole viable solution
for true preventative care and longevity.

We are fostering the first generation
of supercentenarians.

AiGIA. Inaugurating the future. Now.
Open infrastructure empowering individuals to unlock the value of their health data.

Liberating health. Care and research.

AiGIA gives individuals back control of their health data and places them at the center of the healthcare ecosystem.

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For you and your loved ones.

Engage in changing outcomes and stay aware of your health. Access personal medical insights at the time it matters. Live the longest version of your life.

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Developed by and for health professionals.

Make money exclusively on your terms. Get your own digital health clinic with just a few taps. Connect with new or existing patients to provide care or carry out research.

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Their health, your company’s success

Show your employees you care. Use actionable insights to improve their health & wellbeing. Make informed decisions to reduce sick leave and increase productivity and engagement.

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