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Inaugurating the future.

We shall consider our mission accomplished when the Earth will host the first generation of AiGIANS – supercentenarians to live in control of their good health beyond 120 years. As AiGIANS, we will be inspired to discover life at its fullest and improve work-life balance, exploring passions, spending quality time with loved ones or deciding to remain professionally active and creative for a longer period.

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What we stand for.

We are all trapped in the current healthcare unsustainable paradigm. And things are going to get even worse as the current situation is furthermore aggravated by continuous population increase and longer lifespans. Studies show the first person to live over 150 is already born. We are going to live longer, but will we live in good health?

We have a dream and a vision for early detection and prevention. We are committed to change the current healthcare system so that early detection and prevention become reality.

About AiGIA Health

Our mission.

AiGIA liberates health care and research, empowering individuals to engage in changing outcomes.

We believe engaging the individuals is the solution for changing the current healthcare paradigm. But engagement comes with knowledge and knowledge comes with access. As individuals we can’t engage in changing outcomes unless we have access to the information we need to do so.

AiGIA enables humans to take charge of their medical data, access preventive health actionable insights & recommendations, and consciously exchange medical records with care or research providers. AiGIA is committed to enabling every person in the world to realize their right to a healthy long life.

About AiGIA Health

We combine medical expertise with advanced technology.

AiGIA Health is an innovative and transformative digital health company that combines medical expertise with cutting-edge technology, blockchain/NFTs, and AI. Our platform gives patients back control of their health records and places them at the center of the healthcare ecosystem.

We curate and combine a broad range of health data from various sources into a highly encrypted single source of truth, integrated with a new model for health information exchanges, which increases security, privacy, and interoperability of electronic medical records. AiGIA also provides an extended set of AI-augmented tools for data collection, care delivery, and research development.

We believe in holistic, integrated, continuous personalized care and the importance for every individual to change outcomes through accessing personal actionable health information at the time and place it matters.

About AiGIA Health

Privacy and Security

E2E, in transit and at rest. Our entire ecosystem is designed with data privacy and security in mind. We implemented recognized advanced physical, technical, and administrative techniques, including pseudonymization and record level encryption, ensuring our users keep control of their health data at all times.

The entire data chain: collection, storage, and transfer (including teleconsultation) is secured. Users can also configure granular data sharing permissions for all their health data.

AiGIA Security AiGIA Security AiGIA Security
AiGIA Health Timeline

Company Timeline.


  • November: AiGIA, Inc. is established in the US
  • December: v1 website is launched
  • December: First Secret Santa with AiGIA team


  • April: AiGIA Health SRL is established in the EU
  • July: AI & Machine Learning team onboarded
  • August: Medical team reaches 10 AiGIANS
  • October: Product demo at National Congress of Oncology
  • November: AiGIA is showcased at CONFER 2021
  • November: AiGIA is awarded “Medical startup of the year”
  • December: Android MMP is ready for the trial-out


  • January: We are accelerating, team reaches 30 AiGIANS
  • March: v2 website is launched
  • April: Preparing to have the commercial launch